Branding: Tell your story

Branding: Tell your story
18/07/2012 Marcos Figueira

Branding is about telling a good story.

You may have the greatest company in the world. But if you don’t know how to convey that to customers, you may as well not exist.

Every entrepreneur believes his or her business is remarkable. As I work with clients during many years to uncover and determine brand strategies, they’re always very eager to tell me about how special their business is. Most of the time, I reply by saying, “You’re right. You definitely have something unique to offer, and have a good operations system in place to deliver what you promise to customers.”

“Then why,” they ask, “are we struggling just to stay even, let alone grow?”

Perhaps you’re not telling a good enough story.

When it comes to marketing your business in a powerful and meaningful way, you need to give serious thought to that which makes you stand out in a way no one else can — your brand story.

If you had to tell your story, what would it be? Would it have the right balance of fantasy, whimsy and fact? When creating your story, remember to:

Be authentic. Your story must draw from the “heart” of the company. Anyone can make up a story, but the customer’s innate sense of authenticity is what transforms a story into a brand message. Spend a good deal of time looking back at your history and personal values in determining why you’re even in the business you’re in. What’s your passion, and how can you tell customers about it?

Be consistent. It’s not enough just to tell a story; you must live it everyday through everything you do. Every touch point of your business is a marketing opportunity. From message to delivery to customer service, every element of your company has to align with your story.

The companies we call “super brands” use their unique (and sometimes personal) story to connect with customers in a way that makes them feel special; customers feel that they’re in-the-know about who the brand is and what it offers. Do your customers really know you? And does the message get reinforced in everything you do? You can tell, and deliver on, a good story, even on the smallest of marketing budgets. It’s a remarkable marketing strategy for a remarkable business – yours.

Marcos Figueira é sócio do Wyse Group, Brasil ( e professor da FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) nas áreas de Marketing, Marketing Digital, E-Commerce, Negócios Online, Planejamento Estratégico, etc.