Useful Cheat Sheets

Useful Cheat Sheets
19/11/2012 Marcos Figueira

All The Cheat Sheets That A Web Developer Needs

No matter how good programmer you are, you can’t memorize everything. It often happens to spend more time searching for a particular library, tag or declaration, than implementing it on our code. To ease your work, I have gathered here some of the most important cheat sheets that you will ever need.

HTML Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheets

Adobe Flash Cheat Sheets

ASP Cheat Sheets

PHP Cheat Sheets

MySQL Cheat Sheets

JavaScript Cheat Sheets

jQuery Cheat Sheets

Unicode Cheat Sheets

XML Cheat Sheets

mod_rewrite and .htaccess Cheat Sheets

Also, you should check out these 25 Neat CSS3 and Javascript plugins that come hand in hand with this selection.


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